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*Letha is now an authorized sales representative of SCOOT BOOTS! The latest advancement in equine hoof boots. As long time barefoot practitioners and users of hoof boots, we have been researching and testing these new boots on our own horses in all sorts of conditions and at various gaits, and have not had them come off ever when properly installed . Only available via sales representatives who can correctly fit your horse and train you to properly install them, and not in stores. Letha is doing business as SOUTHWEST SCOOT BOOTS.

Look for more information on this web site's Scoot Boots pages.



Major Events at LeDan Morgans

LeDan Morgans makes the AMHA 2013 & 2016 Calendars, Trail Rider & Morgan Horse Magazines

Left: Letha on Ayla in Monument Valley in 2011 in the American Morgan Horse Association breed calendar for 2013.


Top right: Same picture used in The Morgan Horse magazine March 2013 issue as a full page ad for the Morgan Pathways Program, and as a half page add in the April issue of Trail Rider magazine.

Bottom right: The picture of of Dan and Spirit in Texas Canyon was used as a full page ad in the September 2013 issue of The Morgan Horse magazine; don't know if it was also a half page ad in Trail Rider like Letha and Ayla's.

Rhythm & Dan featured in back of 2016 Morgan Horse Breed Calendar; taken at Catalina State Park in May of 2015 by Letha.

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