(This order sheet can be used to compile your list of desired products including types, sizes, colors, amounts, and total costs. It can then be printed out and used as a reference for yourself during your initial contact with her to make an appointment for her to come to you and size and fit your horse; or printed out , scanned and saved as a document file and attached to an email sent to Letha to place your order; or printed out and sent to Letha via U. S. Postal Service mail to place your order. Note: Print it out in Landscape format.)

Scoot Boots (regular):

Scoot Boot Slims:

Scoot Boot Skins:

Pastern Strap Packs:

Scoot Boot Pad Pack:

Front Strap Pack:

Endurance Gaiter Pack:

Trail Gaiter Pack:

Hardware Pack: Quanity _____; Cost ($19 per pack) _________ .

Scoot Anti Slip Shims:

Pastern Strap Lock Pack: Quanity _____; Cost ($13 per pack) _________ .

TOTAL COST OF ALL ABOVE LINES (Note: All taxes and shipping are included in above prices).: $_____________ .


Your Name: _______________________________

Your addreass: _____________________________________________________

Shipping Address (if different): ___________________________________________________

Your phone number: ________________________________