This order sheet can be used for (USA sales only) to compile your list of desired products including types, sizes, colors, amounts, and total costs. It can then be printed out and used as a reference for yourself during your initial contact with us to make an appointment for us to come to you and size and fit your horse; or printed out, scanned and saved as a document file and attached to an email sent to us to place your order; or printed out and sent to us via the U. S. Postal Service mail to place your order. (Note: Print it out in Landscape format.)

Scoot Boots Regular:

Scoot Boot Slims:

Scoot Boot Regular Skins:

Scoot Boot Slim Skins:

Pastern Strap Packs:

Mud Strap Pack:

Scoot Boot Pad Pack:

Front Strap Pack:

Endurance Gaiter Pack:

Trail Gaiter Pack:

Hardware Pack:

Scoot Anti Slip Shims:

Pastern Strap Lock Pack: Quanity _____; Cost ($13 per pack, 8 locks per pack) _________ .

TOTAL COST OF ALL ABOVE LINES (Note: All taxes are included in above prices).: $_____________ .

(Note: If more lines are required to list all items desired in any category above, attache and additional order sheet for those items.)


Your Name: _______________________________

Your addreass: (Street)__________________________________ (City) ___________________ (ST) ____ (Zip) ________

Shipping Address (if different): (Street) _____________________________ (City) _____________________ (ST) ____ (Zip) _______

Your phone number: ________________________________