ON THE TRAIL - Volume 2

Monument Valley 2010.

Letha on America (Castle Miss America) at the valley's north window on the Friday of our first trip to Monument Valley.
Dan on Spirit (Dream Catcher Spirit Song) with the Totem Pole rock formation in the left background.

Left: Part of our group on the first day on the trail in the valley. You can see Letha in the right center of the picture wearing a helmet.


Monument Valley 2011

Dan and Spirit framed by a pine tree.
Letha and Ayla on the rocks.
Letah leading part of the group down from the arch formation "Ear in the Wind".
The group coming up the hill from the valley floor.


Monument Valley 2012

Dan taking a nap in the saddle on Sierra leaning against the rocks.
Letha and Joker perched on the rocks above the trail.


The entrance to the box canyon where we're camped. That little white spot at the bottom in the center of the entrance is a large living quarters horse trailer. The valley is big and makes one feel small; but what a gorgeous place to ride!


Coconino Forest near Munds Park, Arizona

Our camp in the Ponderosa pines on the edge of a "park" (large meadow).
Letha on Joker with friends Susan and DIane riding on a Forest Service road in the forest.
Letha's ride Joker and Diane's dog drinking on the road.
An Arizona sunset view from our camp in the pines.


Bingham-Sacaton Ranch, San Manuel, Arizona

Dan on his gaited Morgan mare Lady Bug in Keilburg Canyon on the ranch during a pre-ride for the 2013 Tucson Saddle Club annual Tierra Bella catered ride.
Dan and Lady Bug in a side canyon that leads to a large waterfall, dry at this time of year.


Letha on Sierra in the waterfall canyon.
Dan on Sierra not far from the entrance of Keilberg Canyon to the San Pedro River. Tucson is on the other said of the Catalina Mountains in the background.