ON THE TRAIL - Volume 1

Starting with 1st date / first ride together.

Dan riding his quarter horse mare Sanchi on his first date with Letha, riding the Arizona Trail. I offered her a choice of dinner, movie, or ride; she chose a ride and later told me she wanted to see if I knew which end of a horse the saddle went on. Driving me to drink on Day 1!
Letha on her Morgan gelding Mortana Hollywood (Tana) on our first ride together. I guess I passed her first test; she's kept me around since then.


Left: Dan on our 14 hand Morgan mare America alongside a friend Kathy Gill on her Belgian gelding Daniel in the Tucson Mountain Park area northwest of Tucson on a ride.

Kathy mounts this gentle giant without a mounting block by climbing up the side of the saddle like a rock climber.

Oh, did I mention she can't see over the top of him when she is standing on the ground?


Fort Robinson State Park, Nebraska

Letha on Ratchet, one of Tony and Meredith Sears horses, running up a steep slope out of a creek bed.
Dan on Emebr, another of Tony and Meredith's horses, and Letha on Ratchet on top of the buttes above the fort.
Marty Thiel on one of his Blackheart Morgan mares in full calvary uniform with the fort in the background.
Close up of Marty in full uniform including authenic tack and McCellan saddle.


Cochise Stronghold - Dragoon Mountains

Having lunch at the top of Cochise Stronghold Dan caught Chisum helping himself to the oranges in his lunch; he had eaten one of the two unpeeled and all and was going back for the second when he got caught.
Letha and Sierra at the same lunch spot with the pond in the background; an oasis in the rocky peaks where the Apache chief Cochise once hid his band from the U.S. Calvary.


Devin (Dan's son) on Chisum, and Letha on Sierra at the top of Cochise Stronghold. Chisum was a Morgan / Back of the Bay cross gelding and accomplished endurance horse we had for a while from a friend who had lived in Alaska. Back of the Bay horses are a strain of horses with Morgan blood in them developed in Alaska.


Council Rock - Dragoon Mountains

Dan on his gaited palomino Morgan gelding Sunday under a big balanced rock near Council Rock.
Letha on her mare Ayla at Council Rock. The plaque in the foreground denotes the site where Cochise met with General Crook to discuss peace terms.


The Arizona Trail

Dan on his mare Spirit on a club ride on a portion of the Arizona Trail in the saguaro cactus near Colossal Cave just east of Tucson. The Arizona Trail is an 800 mile trail that runs from the Mexican border to the Utah border across Arizona.
Letha on the same ride through the saguaros and lush Sonoran Desert near Colossal Cave Park. Colossal Cave is a large dry cave east of Tucson at the southern end of the Rincon Mountains.


Letha on Ayla with her friend Susan on her Morgan on the Loma Alta Trail and a portion of the Arizona Trail near Vail just east of Tucson a few miles northwest of Colossal Cave.
Dan took this shot on a Tucson Saddle Club ride on the Aqua Caliente Trail just shortly after leaving a part of the Arizona Trail just northeast of Tucson in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains. We trailered up the mountain and rode down to the bottom to one of the member's homes at the foot of the mountains.


Our good friend Anne Biggs, current president of the Arizona Morgan Horse Association (AzMHA), on her Morgan mare Donna, and Letha, past president of the AzMHA, on her Morgan gelding Joker, on the Arizona Trail just below the Snowbowl ski slopes on the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff. These peaks are the highest point in Arizona at the top above the tree line.


Letha on Joker on the Arizona Trail near Snowbowl in the pines.
Letha and Joker again on the Arizona Trail near Snowbowl this time in the aspens.